Haugesund Billedgalleri is beautifully situated overlooking the Town Park and bandstand. The Billedgalleri buildings combine both the old and the new, reflecting its status as one of the town’s museums and as the region’s leading exhibitor of contemporary art. There are very few institutions in Norway that can blend history with contemporary displays all under one roof, in such beautiful surroundings. 

Facts about the museum
Haugesund Billedgalleri
Erling Skjalgssonsgt. 4
Postboks 147
N-5501 Haugesund

Internet: www.haugesund-billedgalleri.no
E-mail: postmottak.billedgalleriet(a)haugesund.kommune.no 

Tel. 52 74 41 80
Fax 52 74 41 81

Opening hours/ Admission
Tuesday - Saturday 12-15
Sunday 12-17
Monday closed

We have slightly different opening hours during the summer. See posted times in the gallery or call us for more information.

Admission fee:
Adults: NOK 50
Pensioner/ Student: NOK 30
Children: Free admission
Members of the Haugesund Art Society: Free admission
Guided tours (in Norwegian) NOK 1 000
of the current sales-exhibition, thematic exhibitions or the collection

Haugesund Billedgalleri has seven exhibition areas, a combination of the original white wooden house, a large architectural extension built in 1978, and the latest extension; a two-floor building opened in 2004. The two floors of the old museum and the new two-floor section of the museum, exhibit changing selections from the collection and other theme-exhibitions. Whilst simultaneously in the two exhibition spaces from 1978, a rapidly changing program of contemporary Norwegian and international art exhibitions is staged. 

In addition to this Haugesund Billedgalleri has established a museum shop (Galleributikken) offering a wide variety of art and crafts to the public. The profit from the shop’s sales is re-invested in the gallery, thus helping to finance the gallery’s other offers. 

Haugesund Kunstforening (Haugesund Art Society) is the largest Art Society in Norway. Most of the contemporary art shows presented in Haugesund Billedgalleri are sales-exhibitions arranged by Haugesund Art Society. The Haugesund Art Society has been situated in Haugesund Billedgalleri since 1952.

As a member of Haugesund Kunstforening one gains:
Free entry to all exhibitions
The seasons program sent by post or e-mail
Participation in the yearly Christmas art lottery
Pleasure in supporting one of Norway’s most active and important art societies. The large number of member subscriptions is of enormous importance to the society’s efforts in offering a good exhibition programme. Please make your subscription of NOK 300,- a year.