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1. Applying to the Competition and submitting works in the form of digital documentation (photo-, video- and audiofiles) If applying with multimedia installations and other multimedia works, submit a precise description and visualization of the proposed installation and/or recorded visual material. 31.12.2018

2. Submitting additional context materials 31.12.2018

3. Announcing the results of the Competition 20.02.2019

4. Sending original works to the Organizer’s office including multimedia installations and other multimedia works, qualified installations and any other types of works requiring the use of large-size elements which are not printed on paper. No later than 20.03.2019

5. The opening ceremony and Awards Gala of the HIT 2019 Exhibition 10.05.2019

6. The HIT 2019 Exhibition 10.05 – 04.08.2019

7. Returning works of Participants submitted for the HIT 2019 Exhibition until 30.09.2019

8. Personal collection of works by Participants qualified for the HIT 2019 Exhibition Until 31.08.2019


Download the Rules and Regulations of the Haugesund International Festival of Artistic Relief Printing 2019 (HIT-festival 2019) (pdf)